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Improve nursing quality with NDNQI®.

NDNQI is the only national database that provides hospitals with nursing unit-level comparison data on 20 quality measures.

The data generates reports that are actionable—identifying where quality improvement plans should be focused to prevent adverse events. The measures include hospital-acquired conditions and adverse events subject to the CMS non-payment rule—such as pressure ulcers, falls and bloodstream infections. Because NDNQI provides comparisons with peer institutions, you will know where you stand both nationally and regionally in key quality areas.

NDNQI also measures characteristics of the nursing workforce that have been related to the quality of patient care, such as staffing levels, turnover, and RN education and certification.

NDNQI data helps identify and prioritize quality-improvement needs. Sharing data empowers and engages nurses and provides clear evidence to support staffing or process changes within an organization.

1On low-performing critical care units. 2On low- and high-performing critical care units, and moderate- to high-performing floors. *Dunton, N., Boyle, D., & Cramer, E. (2013). Reaching to the Core of Success: NDNQI’s Latest Research Findings. Presentation delivered at the ANA’s 7th annual nursing quality conference, Atlanta, GA. Retrieved from httP:// **American Nurses Association (2012). Evidence on Total Fall Rate (NQF # 0141) and Injury Fall Rate (NQF #0202).

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